Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

My fellow blogger Laura Martone must think I’ve recovered sufficiently from my award-winning-recalcitrance, because she has graciously extended this award to me, (at great risk to herself).

Due to the nature of this award—and her unflappable optimism—I accept it in all humility. I honestly don’t deserve it—if I do, it's to a fault. Thanks for your confidence in my rehabilitative capacity, Laura. :)

Even more shocking, I shall comply with its rules, which are stated herein:

• Post award on Blog
• Link to the giver of said award
• Award five other bloggers
• Cite 5 personal tidbits about myself

Okay, I’m passing the award onto 5 others known for their honest blogs. I hereby absolve all of those previously awarded (and those not) of following the above cited rules:*

• Bane of Anubis at Bane’s Blogging Blues
• Simon C. Larter of Constant Revision
• Rick Daley of My Daley Rant
• Scott Daniel of 275 Words
• Lady Glamis of The Innocent Flower

Here are 5 things probably none of you know about me:

1. I have a cat named X for eXpendable.

2. I went to parochial school for grades 1-8. They insisted on calling me by my first name, Janice, despite the fact that I was known as Bridget at home. I had 2 identities. Demure, timid Janice, and bubbly, talkative Bridget. They exist side-by-side to this day, but for the record—I do not respond to Janice, so don't even try. (If you went to parochial school, you understand.)

3. We drive probably the only Saab in the state of Michigan. It has 300,000 miles. Every year, we wonder if it will last the winter. It. just. won’t. die.

4. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, in Manhattan for one semester. That’s all it took.

5. When I was a kid, my siblings and I had clam opening/slurping contests.

*Just the same, I would so like to know 5 personal tidbits about you all, and rest assured, the bloggy police have yet to catch up with me.


  1. Too much information indeed! This is awesome info. I love calling you Bridget by the way - it's a good name. Never would've occurred to me to call you Janice. Don't know why.

    Say, thanks for giving Bane the Honest Scrap award. I did, too, so maybe he'll feel forced to reveal personal tidbits about himself. ;-)

  2. Far be it from me to cajole anyone, but if it works…

  3. JB -- thanks! PS -- those are awesome facts. Thanks for sharing. I will try to reveal some more info about myself, though I think I divulged the few halfway interesting tidbits about myself a couple months back.

  4. Bane, the obscure facts are always worth digging for.

    The trick of it for me was coming up with something moderately interesting, which makes me think you may be exaggerating a tad by connecting ‘awesome’ to my tidbits—but thanks.

  5. Thanks for sharing the 5 facts, it's cool to get to know cyber-friends a little better. And thanks for nominating me, I'm glad you appreciate my blog!

  6. You do write some honestly funny stuff, Rick. I read it all, even if I don't always comment (that's the demure, timid me).

  7. Actually, Bridget, Bane HAS revealed a lot about himself already... though I find him endlessly interesting. What I'm really hoping for is a photo. But he knows that already. ;-)

  8. Actually, Laura, I saw his real life avatar back when he had it up. Not bad.

  9. Personally, I think he's just trying to drive me crazy.

  10. No, Laura, I think he's just self-concious--and I just made him more so.

  11. Congrats on the award! Having two identities could come in handy.

  12. Wow, thanks! I'll put my five here as I'm not blogging, really, at the moment.

    (1) I absolutely LOATHE yogurt. I hate it. It's my worst hated food. I won't even touch it to buy it at the store for my daughter. My husband does that.

    (2) I love Metallica. I love heavy metal stuff.

    (3) I have been to Europe. My favorite place was Italy.

    (4) One of my biggest pet peeves is listening to people eat. It makes me angry for some reason. I'm working on that...

    (5) I like peanut butter and tomato sandwiches. A lot. :)

  13. Thanks so much for the award, good lady! I believe either tomorrow or Friday is my award acceptance day, so I shall thank you profusely at that time. :)

    In the meantime, I second Glam's motion that listening to people chew is possibly the most annoying thing ever. Just sayin'.

    Plus, I keep expecting my Geo to die, but apparently the motor was made by Toyota, so perhaps I can coax another 100k out of it... :)

  14. I am so glad I'm not alone, Simon. If we ever meet each other over lunch I'll be sure to chew quietly. I will expect the same from you. :)

  15. I always wondered what the J stood for. There's nothing wrong with Janice, but since I've only ever known you as Bridget, it just doesn't seem to fit. Congrats on your award and thanks for sharing.

  16. JB -- nah, I just like to remain mysterious ;)

  17. I always wondered what the J stood for ...

    Thanks, Bridget, you are too kind (as always). I think I'll follow Lady G's lead and post five little-known things about me here:

    1. My dog growing up was named Ringer. She was a bird dog and the best, absolute best pup of all-time. She's the only dog I know of that you could leave out in the backyard and wouldn't run off ... and those were the days before electric fences!

    2. I was a chubby kid.

    3. If fifth grade, I wrote a story titled, "The Bionic Boy." No, I won't be sending Nathan a query about THAT ONE.

    4. I really like the show Glee. Do I get to keep my man card?

    5. I love any kind of food that includes tomatoes (with the possible exception of peanut butter).

  18. Cool facts, Michele. I’m not big on Heavy Metal, but try on Rodrigo y Gabriela—Flamenco with Heavy metal influence! I love it!

    Simon: Looking forward to your Personal Tidbits

    Susan, I feel like a Bridget.

    Bane, I’m sorry but Lassituvious Dog looks anything but mysterious. Could you at least give him a cape and mask?

    Bionic Boy, my husband also likes Glee and his masculinity has not suffered one bit.

  19. I too was curious about the J. Great list Bridget, although the clam thing creeps me out just a little... :)

  20. Ha ha -- the lassituvious dog look would be ruined w/ such attire, methinks... can't have anything too eager now :)

  21. Deb,
    Then you're going to get real grossed-out in chapters 9, 12 & 13!

  22. Bane,
    Maybe you could go with a mysterious breed--oh, say, a mutt...

  23. I, for the record, love the clam thing, B! I am, after all, a raw oyster and sushi connoisseur. Raw and me get along real well.

  24. In fact, every time I read a scene in which Marlena slurps a raw clam, my mouth waters... in a good way.

  25. Thanks for sharing, Bridget, and congratulations!

  26. Thanks Weronika. It's so nice to see you again!