Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just when...

Just when you think you’re pretty much done, you can’t seem to rid yourself of the niggling doubt about that last chapter. ‘Now, now, it’s just that I don’t want to give up the story,’ you tell yourself. ‘It’s hard letting go, sending my baby off to make her own way in the big wide world of publishing. Stop obsessing and move on.’

But still…you just can’t sleep without replaying those last few scenes. Then you read something like this, and it cements the doubt. ‘Ugh,’ you’re thinking, ‘I’m so sick of this story—who cares about these imaginary people anyway. I wish they'd just get a life and leave me alone.’

Then, not only one reader, but two, hit on the very insecurity that keeps you from saying ‘it’s the best I can do.’

Deep breath. Step back. Talk it over with support team. And it’s back to the drawing board.

Suddenly, those synapses that you thought had exhausted themselves begin firing instantaneously. You no longer care that winter is here for another four months. Amazingly, the bed that felt like your permanent home this morning doesn’t look nearly as inviting as the office chair…


  1. Actually, that's very cool! Finding motivation where you expected tiredness. Good on you, good lady.

    And yes, that Edittorrent post was damn good, wasn't it?

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Now, if I can just hold that thought, Simon!
    I think I can...
    I think I can...

  3. Go Bridget! Would love to read any revisions!!

  4. Thanks, Deb, I'll definitely be interested in your feedback.
    Revisions will include more Capt' Dave Putnam--by popular demand...
    I'll let you know when I get there!

  5. Thanks for posting the link--that was an excellent post. I love the way the layers of the characters are slowly revealed. But, for me, back to the drawing board again, because I know I often rush through scenes that should be allowed to grow richer.

  6. Tricia,
    Yeah, there’s a lot to absorb, evaluate and apply in that post on Emotion Postponement.
    In retrospect, I think I may have rushed through a few scenes that could have been ‘allowed to grow richer.’ Those final scenes that pull it all together can be soooo tricky.

  7. It's my first chapter that's got me worried... and then when I start thinking about that one, I start thinking about all the others. So I hope your niggling doubt doesn't cascade.

    PS -- that's a good link and makes a great point for me since I tend to rush through emotion toward action (however, from the snippets I've read of yours, I'd imagine that your emotional pacing is usually spot on).

  8. Bane,
    Nothing worse than a cascade of niggling doubts. The first chapter niggled me for the longest time—if you don’t get it right, they’ll put the story down. If the last chapter fizzles and frustrates, they’ll never pick up another one of your stories.
    Now I have to resist the temptation of hurrying the emotion so I can call it done! That day seems protracted off in space.......

  9. You can, you can, you can and you will! And you'll know when it's there.
    Best! Happy Christmas!

  10. Looking forward to your reaction, Susan!