About Me

I write using the name J.B. Chicoine, otherwise, I’m known as Bridget Chicoine. During the 1960’s and 70’s, I lived in Amityville, on Long Island’s Great South Bay, (so much for using my hometown as a setting in a novel—which I did—without changing the name to something like Millville—which I did!) I lived in New Hampshire for the next twenty or so years and enjoy using the Sunapee Lakes region in my novels.
As one of six siblings, getting noticed as a child was a big challenge. My mother encouraged us to write stories, no doubt a quiet activity that would give her a little peace! She even sponsored ‘contests’—at least that’s how I inferred them—only to find out everyone would be given the same prize for their efforts. A book! So much for standing out in the ‘crowd.’ I’ve been writing stories ever since, but didn’t complete a novel until I was nearly thirty. It’s in a file, packed away. Yes, it’s that bad! Since then, I have completed three more novels.

My novels are character driven, (though I do love a plot twist). As a watercolor artist, people are one of my favorite subjects. Developing a character is so much like painting a portrait—adding layers as I go—creating depth.
I also enjoy designing covers and binding my novels. I blog about my painting process at Unsupervised & at Large, and also have a Website—JBChicoine.com—where I sell my watercolor prints. When I'm not writing or painting, I enjoy volunteer work and domesticity!

Contact me at bridget@jbchicoine.com


  1. I'm glad you are doing something that you enjoy and are good at god bless and best wishes to the friend of my youth.

  2. Gosh, I guess it pays to look at my blog pages more than once every six months! So sorry I missed this...Thank you Mark...I hope you are well and happy...

  3. How talented you are. Watercolors and novels! All I can draw are stick figures: which irritated the girls I had pose for my etchings when they discovered that! :-) Just joshing. Great success with UNCHARTED. Roland

  4. Ha! That's funny Roland! And thanks for stopping by. :)