Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hudson River Day Line

I received another letter from my dad today. He's been going through old papers (the way good parents should so that 'later on' their kids won't have to). This one is from the Hudson River Day Line, West 42nd Street Pier, New York, N.Y.

A little research in the New York State Library, and I found out that "of the many Hudson River steamboat lines, the one which became the best known in this country and abroad was the Hudson River Day Line. Its 'white flyers' were famous for their elegance and speed, and provided the most enjoyable way to travel the Hudson River. No one could claim to have seen America without seeing the Hudson River, and the only way to properly see the Hudson River was from the deck of a Day Liner. Important foreign guests were taken for steamboat rides soon after their arrival in New York."

Apparently, September 13, 1948 saw the last Day Line steamboat on its run from Albany to New York City, so that dates the envelop.

On the back is an emblem for the Baltimore & Ohio R.R. All Trains Via Washington with Stop-Over Privileges.

There is something ever so romantic about the way people got around back then. Not so primitive as horse and buggy, but slow enough to actually enjoy the ride.