Monday, August 31, 2009

Will Someone Please Create a Deviance Award!

Okay, I’m about to reveal just how hard it is for me to follow ‘rules’, especially award rules…

I received this commenting award a week ago, and was re-awarded by one of my awardees, Laura Martone—that means I have to nominate another 5 great commenters. So, I’m breaking 4 rules here by nominating 1 this time around. It goes to Scott, who from the time I posted this blog has offered helpful critique on my writing. He has been incrementally posting his WIP, Last Full Measure of Devotion, on 275 Words, One man, One Year, One Novel. Curious about how other writers proceed, I started following his blog from the start, and it has helped me develop a more discerning literary eye, and connected me with a writer who has an acute technical eye. He is gracious and cordial, always appreciative. So, Scott, this award is inevitable…do with it what you wish, just know that if you accept it, you have to give it to 5 others!

Next, Susan Mills, aka Lazy Writer, just nominated me for this 'Splish Splash' award, for my dazzling (not my word) blog. I accepted it with these self-indulgent words: “Thanks Susan…I guess I never associated the word ‘dazzling’ with my blog. Mostly I think of it as utterly self-indulgent (okay, well, there was that one post on embedding hyperlinks, but I think I was only patting myself on the back—again, self-indulgent. I think I should start a self-indulgent award…[I digress; again, very self-indulgent]) Anyway, thanks for the nice award.”

My obligation is to nominate 8 others with this award.

I’m in a quandary…8 others? Eight?
I follow some really interesting and informative, even entertaining blogs; but Dazzling? Surely, I’m just being too literal here, but words mean things. Do blogs actually dazzle? Do they overpower the vision of by intense light? Hmmm…maybe it fits in with definition 2. to astonish with delight. Or 3. to shine brilliantly. Or maybe 4. to excite admiration by brilliance…
Some of the blogs I follow are really, really good—maybe 1 or 2 are even inspiring, but then what is that saying about the other blogs if I don’t fulfill the whole number? If I do fulfill the 8 for the sake of following rules, aren't I being a wee bit disingenous? Besides that, I feel like I keep awarding the same bloggers over and over (not that I’ve received that many awards, and this will probably put the kibosh to any future awards).

And here's another thing: It just seems to me that as writers, especially ones who are supposed to veer away from excessive modifiers and melodrama…Well, do I have to say more?

I think I do.

I think whoever thought up these awards, and those who pass them on with such generosity are far better individuals than I am. I will accept the award in the kind and genuine spirit it was offered, because—as #3 in a family of 7 children—I am just so happy to be acknowledged by anyone.
Am I the only one who feels utterly overwhelmed by awards and completely inept when it comes to obligatory follow through?
Maybe I just need an attitude adjustment.


  1. Ah, thanks, JB. I'd give you a hug, but that's kind of hard through the computer. Thank you very much for the kind words. I'm still writing, by the way, but haven't posted. I may send you the next few chapters directly, if that's okay.

  2. You deserve the award Scott,(and you know from reading my post, that I don't award frivolously).

    Although I have been waiting for you to post more scenes, I had no doubt you were still writing. Please, do send me some chapters directly, but be sure to post them so others can have a look.

  3. Maybe you're focusing too much on the 'dazzling' connotation here. I mean here you are—splish splashing around—making waves… *smiling*

    Hope you’re not stressing over this, these awards can be a little overwhelming.

  4. Hmmm, hadn't thought of it that way, D.L.
    I just can't seem to help over-analyzing things—and not that I would ever stress out over an award or anything...nooo...not me...

  5. Well, now I feel kinda bad. Maybe I should stop passing my awards along (if, that is, I even receive any more - LOL). While I'm genuinely trying to honor folks that I admire (and spread the word about some terrific blogs), I'm beginning to understand how time-consuming this whole "award season" has become.

    For the record, B, I, too, would find it hard to pass the "dazzling" award around, if it was just referring to visuals... but I think D.L. is right - you are, after all, splish-splashing around, making waves and all with your self-indulgence. Teehee. And there are plenty of other bloggers who fit that description, too!

  6. I agree with you on this. I pass the awards on as a thank you to whoever gave it to me and to acknowledge fellow bloggers who I enjoy reading. If I receive the same award more than once, I don't pass it on again. I just say thanks. Perhaps I didn't describe it very well when I used the word "dazzling." Sorry!

  7. On, no Laura, you mustn’t feel bad—I’m the one with deviant-recipient-syndrome—don’t let that get on you. I should have prefaced my post with a “wear a full suit of vinyl—I’m about to barf” warning. I’ve never been good at accepting any kind of recognition, and I simply felt the need to indulge (purge) myself.

    You and D.L. are probably right, but it’s too late to renege (not that I would). Besides, then I’d have to re-award you and then the time it would take for you to do the obligatory post would be taking away from your beta-reading. (smiley face)

  8. Susan,
    As a relative newcomer to blogging, I have yet to discern the subtle nuances of awarding. I’m banking on the rumor that there aren’t actually any bloggy police.
    And I really do appreciate that you gave me the award—I just don’t feel worthy…. (please, don’t try and rebut that—these are feelings that only during long-term therapy can fix)

  9. I won't rebut anything... I can only praise you enough before your expanding head prevents you from leaving the house. But I will say... how come you spelled out "(smiley face)" instead of doing this... :-)

    Oh, right! You have a thing against emoticons. I forget such details sometimes... must be all this beta-reading!

  10. Laura,
    Now you can better see why I'm better as a 'private person' who keeps my loose nuts to myself.

  11. Congrats, Scott!

    Laura, you sure can stir the pot, can't you?

  12. Someone’s stirring the pot, but I’m not sure who’s got the spoon—Rick...

  13. You are not the only one who is overwhelmed by the awards. It takes a lot of time and work to hand them out to people. But I do love getting them. I like to be acknowledged too. :D

  14. I guess we all appreciate a pat on the back, Michelle.
    I just have a hard time reconciling the part of me that wants to be acknowledged and the part that hates the attention. I guess the whole ‘passing on the award’ thing would be easier if it was to whomever and whenever we felt the urge.
    I dislike rules; but I dislike breaking them...

  15. I SO get that... not wanting attention, but wanting it at the same time. It's very frustrating. It's because I don't want to look selfish or egotistical. Maybe I am a little bit, but I think everybody is to a degree, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's how we use it that matters.

  16. Congrats on the awards. I know it sometimes is hard to come up with a list to pass them on to. Like LazyWriter, I pass them on the first time I get them, then just say thank you after that.

  17. F.G.
    I already blew it with the Splish Splash/Dazzling thing, but I think that’s what I’ll do from now on, now that I’ve blown my chances for receiving any other awards. Honestly—I think it would have been better to simply follow Mother’s advice; “Just say ‘thank you'.'And play nice.’”

  18. Don't be too sure about that award thing J.B. -sometimes honesty is the best policy.

    And to one other who shall remain nameless...

  19. Well, Strange Fiction passed me the same award, Bridget, so I guess that makes us Splish Splash buddies! I, for one, enjoy receiving awards... it's nice to feel a little validation, especially when I'm so new to this blogging thing. On the other hand, I think I like giving them more!

    Hey, and B, you know I was kidding over at Strange's place, right?

  20. D.L.
    I did sort of wonder about that...
    I have now been sufficiently humbled...