Saturday, September 5, 2009

On The Other Hand...

Okay! It is true that I do tend to rant, and I have been told that sometimes I’m too honest. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard TMI, Bridget; TMI. (Ironic for a private person, eh?)
When given sufficient time to analyze and weigh all things against reason and conventionality, I am capable of acquiescing. Therefore, I am accepting a roundabout award from Strange Fiction, and re-thanking Lazy Writer for the same award last week.

In view of the aforesaid, I shall, with all humility and sincerity, now nominate the following for the Splish Slash Award:

Lazy Writer
Strange Fiction
Laura Martone :)*
Lady Glamis
Fiction Groupie
Weronika Janczuk
The Literary Lab**

Do what you wish with the award!

*While I'm at recanting: I shall now use emoticons only when commenting at Laura Martone, so that she knows when I'm teasing. ;)
**I notice, and I find it oddly heartening that the latter seems not to post awards that I’m certain they must have received.


  1. Thanks Bridget! I, for one, love your honesty!

  2. Aww, thanks J.B.! :) <-- Here's me smiling!

  3. Thanks, Bridget! Now, I have two Splish Splash awards to give away - whatever is a girl to do! All right, that's it, as much as I love the sites I frequent often, I will endeavor to find NEW blogs tomorrow... so our little award-giving mutual admiration society feels less incestuous. LOL! :-)

    P.S. And I'm glad I didn't offend you, B. I swear, I can be so sensitive sometimes... I'm just so bummed out that I haven't been able to get you my notes yet. Paying gigs keep popping up that, in this economy, I can't really refuse. How's that for honesty?

    P.P.S. Of course, you realize you've painted yourself into a corner. Whenever you DON'T include the emoticons, I'll think you ARE seriously P.O.'d with me. Double LOL!

  4. Susan, D.L., and Laura: You know you're all welcome, and you know that if you give me any more awards I will likely pass them back to you!

    And Scott better watch out too...

  5. It's a vicious circle! Oh—and D is for Deb :)

  6. Deb, I'd break out of the circle if I followed more blogs that lended themselves to recieving awards. As it is, I barely keep up with the blogs I'm already following. I hate being all cliquish (so high schooly), but...oh well...

  7. Thanks for the award!!!

    I take forever to post these up, but it will go up eventually. :)