Saturday, September 5, 2009

See Ya Later

Well, we’re headed out East for some unexpected 'stuff', (to the land of limited internet), so you won’t be seeing me around. Hard to say when we’ll return. Such is the life of the Unsupervised. Meanwhile I thought I’d post this disturbing picture.

It’s behind glass in my living room. Most adults avert their eyes in utter perturbation, yet children seem to absorb it without any long-term damage (of course I never stick around anywhere long enough to know for sure).

Comment if you wish—it will be without immediate repercussion.


  1. Bon voyage JB! That's an interesting display. And I'm guessing some history too?

  2. Good luck, Bridget! Hope all goes well for you and the hubby... and thanks for leaving us such a creepy picture. I have no doubt, Deb, that there's a history there. :-)

    I especially like the little red wagon... makes me miss the one I had as a kid.

  3. Have a safe trip! Interesting picture. Yup, Strange is right; there must be some history there.

  4. I hate dolls. I HATE them. They freak me out. Weird, I know.

  5. I'm with Glam on that one. *shiver*

    Have a good trip, hope everything's fine, and I'll pop in when you're back. Cheers!

  6. Deb, Laura and Susan are correct in their assumption that there is history in them. In fact, many of my earliest stories detailed the adventures of my dolls, much like Johnny Gruelle’s Raggedy Ann Stories. As disturbing as that little entourage might seem, many of them had distinct personalities, tilling fertile soil for my imagination.

    Glam and Weronika, your reactions are pretty typical; even now as I look at them, I wonder, ‘What the heck? Why do I even keep all that stuff?'
    The older I get, the less sentimental I become. It’s tempting to give them all away...

  7. Bridget - I wouldn't give your menagerie away if I were you (which I'm not, of course). But if you DO decide to give something away, I'll take the little red wagon. ;-)

  8. Laura,
    The wagon is yours, but you have to come pick it up!