Monday, December 8, 2014

Free Portrait of a Girl Running Adiobook in Exchange for Honest Review!

So, I just received 25 complimentary copies of PORTRAIT of a GIRL RUNNING audio books! I'm supposed to use them to start spreading the word about the audiobook release. So, if you would be interested in a free audiobook of GIRL RUNNING in exchange for an honest review, send your email address to bridget at jbchicoine dot com and I'll send you the code and instructions!

Here's what the story is about:

All Leila wants is to get through her senior year at her new high school on Long Island without drawing undue attention. Not that she has any big secret to protect, but her unconventional upbringing has made her very private. At seventeen, she realizes just how odd it was that two men raised her—one black, one white—and no mother. Not to mention they were blues musicians, always on the move. When her father died, he left her with a fear of foster care and a plan that would help her fall between the cracks of the system. Three teachers make that impossible—the handsome track coach, her math teacher from hell, and a jealous gym instructor.   Set against the backdrop of Long Island in the 1970s, Leila’s ability to run, along with her musical and artistic talents, places her in compromising situations. Accusations of misconduct and judicial hearings put Leila’s autonomy and even her dignity at risk, unless she learns to trust an unlikely ally. Portrait of a Girl Running is a story that sifts through the many ways we define friendship, family, romantic love, and even ethnicity.


  1. Yay!

    This is a great book and having it in audio will make my wife happy. I will send you her email address.

    I loved Portrait of a Girl Running. It was a refreshing Young Adult/New Adult story devoid of both silly romantic naivety and conversely, smut (which is very predominate in New Adult now). Ive been meaning to review it on my blog for some time. Someday it will appear there.

    1. Thank you so much, Anthony! I'm really glad you enjoyed it (of course I noticed that you gave it a nice rating on Goodreads!).

      Its sequel, Portrait of a Protege is also void of smut and even more psychological, but I find that my young adult readers who left reviews (mostly youngish women) aren't thrilled with it whereas conversely, men tend to like it much better. Not sure it will make it to audiobook unless Girl Running does really well.

      And thanks for even thinking of reviewing Girl Running!