Sunday, September 5, 2010

Okay, This Has Nothing To Do With My Writing...

...exept for the fact that this is what I've been up to while I wait for a response on my 5th request for my full manuscript of Story for a Shipwright. Besides, I'm entitled to crossblog when I feel like it. At any rate, I updated my watercolor Website with all the projects I've completed on my Unsupervised & at Large blog.

Anyway, in case you feel like it, here’s the link to


  1. Your fifth full manuscript request? Dude, that's awesome!!

  2. Yeah, the requests felt pretty good, but alas, no takers yet...

  3. Deb!!! Nice to see your icon!!

    Thanks for your confidence, but I'm still bracing myself for the oft-heard "I'm sorry, while I like your premise, I just didn't fall in love with *insert deficiency here* the way I had hoped. Best wishes, though..."

  4. Your paintings are beautiful. Do you find any parallels between the painting process and the writing process, that gives a deeper understanding of them? And best wishes on your full :)

  5. Yeah, Joanne, I find that there are parallels in the process. I start out with a general outline in both instances, and then it’s a matter of layering to add depth.

    Also, sometimes I’m not in the mood to paint or write, but if I make myself at least start, something good usually comes of it.