Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That’s Right, I’m Stalling…

I know I should be brushing up on my query and synopsis (and I have been), but as anyone who’s ever written one knows, they kill brain cells.

Consequently, I have given myself a short reprieve, just to remind myself that life does not—does not—revolve around writing, (and more to the point, getting published). I’ve been—yes, it’s true—painting.

I resurrected this unfinished portrait, and if I’m playing my shame card right, I should make pretty good progress on it, seeing as I’m posting my process incrementally.
Actually, one could draw some nice analogies between developing a character and painting a portrait…it’s all in the layering.


  1. cool portrait. I like the analogy, too. And I'd think that painting and writing would be complimentary. What you write may influence how you paint and visa/versa.

  2. haste makes waste,, now aint that orginal..:)

  3. Paul, 'Tis true, I'm very visually influenced in my writing, and sometimes--in both realms--a little too detail oriented.

    Well, I have seen you be more original, it's true...

  4. That is an awesome start to a painting! Very nice shading. You are one talented lady...

  5. Thanks Rick, that's encouraging;
    makes me want to paint some more today...

  6. I can't imagine being able to write and paint. I am in awe. Love the painting by the way...and I wonder, does the quiet time while you are focused on the painting relax the words that whirl around your head?

  7. Thanks, Liza.
    Hmmm… does the quiet time while I’m focused on painting relax the words that whirl around my head?

    To be honest, that ricocheting in my head never ceases, but the marbles do seem to collect in different parts of my brain when I'm writing as opposed to painting.

  8. For me writing is all about layering too. I love your painting and your writing.

    I've given you an award over at my blog. I know it's coming soon after your last one. Don't worry about doing the whole award thing if you don't have time. Just consider it a tribute to your blog.

  9. Mary Anne,
    You sure know how to start a girl's day of with a smile...Thank you so much for the award. I'm actually looking forward to posting it!
    ...and welcome to my blog...

  10. Have you posted an update on this self portrait? I hope you have, or will, finish it.

  11. Hey Jerry! This one isn't a self-portrait, though at this stage I can see how you might think so...

    I actually did finish this one up in stages over on the other blog, last January. Check out the label "Susie"...